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Welcome to our homepage. My name is Michael Ciferri. I started teaching myself about the computer in the early 70s. I enjoyed all aspects of computers so much that I turned it into a career. I have recently RETIRED From the position of the Director of Computer Services for the NEW YORK CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT.

I had worked for FDNY for almost 30 years, starting as a firefighter. I am presently working at Sound Shore Medical Center in the Hospital's Information Systems Unit as their IT Operations Manager.

I am a Ham Radio Operator. My callsign is W2MAC.I am a Volunteer administer for the W5YI and the ARRL Amateur Radio exams and also commercial radio exams.I am also the Control op of a vhf amateur repeater. The music on this page was performed by the Great Mike Camp - KC5NVX. Email me for more info. Looking for call sign info

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PCARA -- The Peekskill/Cortland Amateur Radio Association

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I am also a car enthusiast. I enjoy cars! I have been collecting and talkingabout them for many years. Here are my cars the 1957 Chevy has 31,000 original milesI have owned the 67 Mustang for some time now it has 77k miles, The 63 Vet has 26,000original miles and the 59 vet has 69k . Sorry to say I have sold all but the Chevelle Convertible.

Mustang & 57




72 Malibu Front




Malibu Rear



 Moving PT

pt at dealer

Hockey Puck MIKEY

Alright! You made it to my homepage.

I'm also an Amateur Radio Operator.My callsign is KB2OYD. I'm also into sports. I love Hockey,The only real sport!!! Ok, at least it's my favorite. I was the goalie on the Pelham Pelicans during my 4 years in Highschool and Captain in my senior year. I also play the guitar [ I own a Fender Strat].I graduated Quinnipiac University in Hamden Ct. I than went to work for WAMU as a Mortage Broker and later to Keppler Title. While I was there I returned to school Fordham University for my MBA in Finance. I now work at J.P. Morgan Chase. I am still playing Hockey on a few mens teams.


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